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Storage Solutions

For those looking to make a seasonal switch, store their vehicle, or find a place to put all of your kids' stuff when they get back from school - we've got solution in store for you!

 The Seasonal Switch

Each year we bring out the lawn furniture, patio sets, lawn mower, trimmers, garden tools, pots, hoses and more to get ready for the summer season and each year we put away our shovels, decorations, Christmas Tree, snowblowers, plows and what ever we need to get us through those winters.

 Winter Vehicle Storage

Do you have a car, classic car, motorcycle, RV or another vehicle that needs to be stored during the winter?

Free up valuable space in your garage by having your items stored with Shield Storage during the winter months. We have weather-sealed storage units to keep your vehicle safe during the winter. Depending on the vehicle that you need stored, we are able to offer indoor or outdoor winter vehicle storage solutions for our customers!

 They’re Back....

University and Colleges Kids Return…with STUFF!

So you have sent them off to school, they have set up their Dorm Rooms or Apartments and now they are coming home. Great, but where do you put their stuff?

We offer a Student Special for those students that need a place to store their possessions (desk, furniture, dishes, etc) for the short-term. Just show us your Post Secondary Student ID and Save 10%!

 Document Storage

Although we want to be a “Paperless Society," the bottom line is that it piles up and usually in boxes! Businesses Papers (documents, pictures, archives) can be a problem for both businesses and individuals. Lucky for you, Shield Storage has a solution. Placing these important items in a heated unit will ensure they are safe, secure, of out of the way and most importantly - accessible for when you need them.

Although these units are heated, is it important to arrange these files to allow for proper airflow and ventilation. Over-stacking (High or Deep) can harm the items you are storing. Ask us about best practices to ensure your items remain pristine.

Reserve your unit today for special rates.

We offer discounts for Long-Term Rentals (1 Year +), students and discounts in conjunctions with specific realty projects, Realtors and business programs.

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